XP is it time to panic?


Microsoft has announced that in just six months’ time (8th April 2014), they will end support for the decade-old Windows XP operating system (OS). As a result, you will no longer receive updates, including security updates, for Windows XP from Microsoft.

A recent survey of 250 CIOs, CTOs, IT directors and IT managers in the UK revealed that only 42% of companies have started the task of migrating off Windows XP to Windows 7 or Windows 8 or both. According to market share tracker, Net Applications, Windows XP still accounts for 39% of OS market share. 

What do you need to do?

 If you are still relying on Windows XP OS you could face serious security risks (including cyber attacks) and should consider migrating to Windows 7 or 8 to mitigate this risk. Depending on the age of your hardware, it may be that you will need to upgrade your IT suite in order to run the latest OS. To learn more about upgrading from XP, call us on 01344 701806 and we’ll be happy to discuss your concerns and see how we can help. 

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